Our Tech Stack

We want you to impress your customers with an efficient and creative solution. Our senior team combines the most reliable technologies with the latest design trends to bring your ideas into usable solutions for your audience and within your budget.

Front End

React & React
Styled Components

Custom Libraries & Components

Style and pattern libraries for UI elements are a good solution until every site starts to look the same. Making sure your website has consistent styling is a top priority but also is to be unique to keep the user’s attention. That’s when we can help. We can take an existing library and work our way out of the bunch or go the extra mile and create one specifically for your brand.


Back End

Advanced Data Modeling & Data Integrity

Building a solid Environment for your custom data can define the success rate of your project. We build long-term data strategies for your business through data warehouse modeling. We have seen almost everything there's to see when it comes to optimizing data structures and predicting your system's future growth. Our Senior architects are experts with years of experience and projects ensuring the integrity of dozens of businesses's databases.

Mongo DB
Dynamo DB

Amazon Web Services Consulting

The AWS specialists at Blackstone Studio offer more than a service of configuration and implementation of the Amazon Web Services. Our deep understanding of Cloud Migration, Data Warehousing, and serverless technologies allow us to provide strategic guidance and consulting to enterprises looking to optimize and fully integrate their platform to the Cloud.

Ecommerce and Platform Development

Track User Behavior

We analyze metrics. So we will enable or create the system architecture to capture and provide you with customer’s insights.

Loyalty building services integration

We can integrate a loyalty program that matches your business context and users needs.

Marketing Automation

We can create or integrate a system to manage marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically.

Conversion Rate Optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization.

We analyze your current metrics or install tools to get metrics. Then, we explore solutions to increase the engagement and retention to produce more conversions.

Page Speed Boost.

Page Speed Boost.

We are experienced on optimizing the performance of websites. Our team will boost your systems and current implementation.

Product Page Design.

Product Page Design.

Our website and mobile applications designers provide expert advice and deliverables from research to interactive prototypes.

Navigation Simplification.

Navigation Simplification.

We are customer experience specialists. So our team will review and improve your user flows to make conversions easier.

Everything for your online store.

Everything for your online store.

We also create and adapt plugins or modules to enable features or integrate services.

Payment Solutions Integrations

We will seamlessly integrate the different payment providers so you can accept payments on any device from all the popular methods out there. These payment integration services take into account the setting up for the diverse payment variations like subscriptions, plan upgrades and downgrades, threshold payments and other specialized business models.

Experts on Industry Standards Especifics

We will make sure to arrange a team of professionals to match not only the tech stack for your project but who are also seasoned on developing for different industries that go from e-commerce, finance, marketing automation, fitness, health, and mental care, etc.

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